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Designing a contemporary bathroom in a budget

Oct - 31 | | No comments. | Plots

Bathrooms can be made more stylish and contemporary with a little imagination. Prudent use of space and a host of elegant fittings can transform the smallest bathroom into a glamorous one.

The first rule in decorating small spaces is to keep things small and simple. Use less stuff but step up on more colour and interest.

Wash basins

When planning your bathroom, you need to use whatever space you have wisely and keep the fixtures and fittings in proportion to the size of the room. If you are fitting a small bathroom, go in for small washbowls. They also come in triangular shapes to fit into corners. Ceramic is the most popular and affordable material used in washbasins. Not only is it durable, it is also easy to clean.


Ceramic tiles used for bathroom walls come with delicate designs on them and can uplift any ordinary bath space. They come in hand-painted or embossed designs. For variety, choose glass or stone tiles for washbasin counter-tops. You can also scatter hand-painted or embossed tiles at intervals on a wall to create texture and colour. For the floor, have antiskid tiles with striations on them for safety.


Today’s bath taps for sinks and showers come in a variety of shapes, materials and designs to choose from. Although they look expensive, they fit most budgets. The popular budget taps are made of steel and come in a variety of designs. Those with ceramic knobs look more elegant. Bath-tub If your bathroom is small and you still desire to have a bathtub, have one fitted with a shower instead of having a separate shower cubicle. Fit the bathtub across the length of one wall to save on space. Colourful shower curtains are nominal and can be hung up to divide the small bath-space into two separate areas.

Shelf cabinet

Install a glass shelf on a wall to keep washbasin counters clear of clutter. The shelf itself can be used to hold functional bath products or small decorative items such as picture frames and votive candles. Many glass shelves are now available in coordinating finishes to bath accessories and taps, giving the bathroom a perfect finishing touch.


Instead of having a large wall-size mirror over your sink, go in for a beautiful framed ornamental mirror. Use accessories such as boxes, baskets, and bowls that can double as containers for cosmetics, cotton balls, or washcloths.

Source: Times Property, The Times of India Group

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